20 pairs of hands.
One piano.

Superb tone and touch, admired by professionals around the globe for 20 years.

Why SK-3?

Konsei Katagi Hybrid Inner Rim
The exclusive Konsei Katagi rim uses a blend of distinctive hardwoods to achieve an ideal balance of tone. For the inner rim, small-pored hardwoods that provide superior brightness and projection are interlaminated with dense, large-pored hardwoods offering warmth and fullness.
MPA Craftsmanship
No other piano goes through such expert hands. From the moulding of the rim to the final polish, every Shigeru Kawai SK-3 is the culmination of hundreds of hours in the hands of our Master Piano Artisans.
Shiko Seion Hammers
The name translates to “ultimate voicing.” Shiko Seion hammers are exclusive to Shigeru Kawai pianos, each hand-pressed without heat and voiced without artificial hardeners to ensure outstanding dynamic response and expression.​
Kigarashi Aged Soundboard
The custom-tapered soundboard in a Shigeru piano is made exclusively from the finest spruce, aged by the traditional kigarashi process to attain a state of natural balance, and giving Shigeru pianos their uniquely rich tonal quality.​
Temaki Hand-wound Bass Strings
Winding wire around the core bass strings requires highly-refined skills. Our MPAs wind each wire carefully and precisely by hand to ensure the highest possible quality.​
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More reasons to love SK-3

Millennium III

The mighty Millennium III action means the speed and strength of carbon fibre and our own proprietary ABS composites, with the voice of warm woods and fine, long-fibred Tasman wools.

Dual-pivot Dampers

Meticulous attention to the needs of professional performers is evident in every feature of the Shigeru piano. One example, originally developed for our Shigeru Kawai Ex Concert Piano, is the unique dual-pivot damper design that allows smoother half-pedal control for delicate tonal expression.

Spruce Beams

Spruce is known for its outstanding ability to conduct and conserve sound energy. However, it is generally considered too precious for use as a structural material. For the Shigeru pianos, all of the underside beams are made entirely of the highest quality spruce.

Look closer


Millennium III action:
Mahogany, underfelted
Key surfaces:
1st - 54th keys
Brass, double
Lid props:
Made in:
Colours available:
Ebony Polish
12 years

The MPA difference

The best instruments deserve the best care. That’s why every Shigeru Kawai piano sold in Australia and New Zealand is comprehensively serviced after 12 months by one of our Master Piano Artisans, in situ, at no cost to you.

Experts say...

Shigeru Kawai around the world

Shigeru Kawai is the piano of choice for many of the world’s most prestigious musical institutions, including:

National Centre for the Performing Arts
Beijing, China
Wiener Philharmoniker
Vienna, Austria
Holy Trinity Cathedral
Auckland, New Zealand
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts, USA
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Shigeru Kawai in action

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