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The art of the piano built upon nine decades of experience and tradition.

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Acclaimed upright pianos that embody Kawai quality.

Hybrid Pianos

Modern instruments that feature both acoustic and digital components.

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Award winning digital instruments suitable for various musical needs.

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04 Oct 2019

Should you have your piano delivered in its box?

The idea of a new, special, long-awaited item finally arriving at your doorstep is exciting, especially when you’ve invested a …

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02 Oct 2019

We interview Stefan Cassomenos

Melbourne pianist and composer Stefan Cassomenos is one of Australia’s most vibrant and versatile musicians. He has been performing internationally …

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26 Aug 2019

What is a “grey market” piano?

Grey market piano imports are gaining attention in recent months, on the back of some pretty seismic, if mostly invisible, …

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