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Grand Feel III Wooden Key
Grand Feel III action*

*Features shown are available in different models. Colours also vary by model. For full specifications, click through to each model’s own page.

Solid wooden keys, the pivot length of a real grand, and a range of technologies designed to make your piano as inspiring to play as the music you’re making.

Sublime sound - and lots of it.

Scores of breathtaking sounds and effects, lifelike reverbs, and expertly tuned sound systems come together to make Concert Artist truly inspiring for player and audience alike.

Dig deep.

Find deep, precise control with the tip of a finger, craft the perfect piano sound with Virtual Piano Artisan, and connect just about anything, with pro grade components throughout.

Timeless design cues inspired by more than 95 years of piano expertise, reimagined for a new era – reward yourself with a piano so beautiful it could be art.

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