The new standard of grand piano design

Made in Japan, GX Series grand pianos aim to reproduce the delicate control of a full concert grand piano, delivering a level of refinement that few pianists have the opportunity to experience.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the length of the keyboard has been extended significantly, increasing the fulcrum distance for each key. This extended key pivot length results in a more consistent touch weight when playing towards the back of the keyboard, affording the pianist greater expressive control, and allowing one’s imagination to soar freely.

The advanced Millennium III keyboard action incorporates ABS-Carbon materials to further improve one’s playing experience. ABS-Carbon is both highly rigid and extremely lightweight and has long been used in the aeronautics industry as a superior alternative to wood. 

The use of ABS-Carbon makes the GX Series’ keyboard action more durable and less prone to performance degradation over time, while also delivering improved responsiveness and control. This evolution in keyboard touch can be experienced by the pianist with every key stroke.

Purity of tone that fills the room

In order to produce Kawai’s special tone, a range of woods is meticulously analysed for quality and character, before we select the finest materials for each specific purpose. The soundboard has arguably the most significant influence over a piano’s individual tonal elements. Therefore, woods that conform to the most rigorous gravity and propagation velocity standards are selected to achieve rich, deep bass tones, and bright, colourful, sustaining treble tones.

In addition to the soundboard, bridges, and ribs, optimum materials for the inner rim are also carefully considered, combining the unique properties of different hardwoods to create a layered hybrid construction. This produces a broad range of sound, allowing even greater expressive power. In order to produce a richer, more immersive sound, the overall rigidity of the GX instruments’ body has also been improved.
The thickness of the upper beam attached to the outer rim is increased, allowing the pin blocks to support a tensile strength load of approximately 20 tons. As the tone of each note is improved, the sense of three dimensional sound is also enhanced. Moreover, increasing the rigidity of the piano’s carbon steel tuning pins further strengthens the instruments’ tuning stability, to meet the rigorous demands of the finest pianists.

A lifetime of happiness, wrapped within a grand piano


Preserving the treasured design of a grand piano, while pursuing new details of elegance. This is the design concept of the GX Series. The instrument’s exterior design, with its gentle curves and broad music rest, establishing the traditional characteristics and captivating form of a grand piano.

Expanding the instrument’s upper beam thickness reinforces the piano’s overall structural rigidity and serves to further distinguish the exterior design. Kawai’s highly prized painting and finishing process affords the piano body its distinctive, luxurious ebony polish appearance. The GX Series also features useful mechanisms such as multi-angle piano lid props and Kawai’s ‘SoftFall’ system, which closes the fallboard gently and slowly.

The beauty of the GX Series truly shines upon opening the instrument’s top board. The mesmerising brilliance of the glowing golden frame, the delicate woodwork and abundant expression of quality displayed along the inner rim, the luxurious elegance of rich black felt, and the reassuring display of handmade craftsmanship verified by the Kawai frame mark. These are the characteristics that embody the spirit of the GX series.

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