Conservation is in our nature

Making the world we live in a little better – this is the driving force behind all of KAWAI’s efforts over the past 94 years. We are proud that our extraordinary instruments have brought joy and fulfillment to the lives of millions of people through the power of music, but “making the world a better place” goes further than our products can. It also involves careful reflection on the production methods and policies that govern our use of the world’s resources.

That’s why we developed the “Kawai Environmental Policy Program”, which sets out clear goals and strategies that guide our company in its mission to protect and improve our environment.

Kawai ISO14001

ISO 14001 Certificate

In 1997, Kawai became the first manufacturer in the piano industry to receive the ISO 14001 certificate for excellent environmental management.

In 1997, our famous Ryuyo piano factory was first awarded the ISO 14001 certificate. Our Maisaka piano factory followed in 1998 for its special achievements in the areas of protecting natural raw materials, reducing industrial waste, reforestation and energy saving in all production processes.

By meeting the requirements of the certificate in both factories far beyond the binding requirements, Kawai is setting new standards for the piano industry and confirms our commitment to the environment. We see obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate as the basis for further activities and efforts to ensure that environmental protection takes up an ever-increasing share of every instrument we produce.



Kawai Forest Project

The tropical rainforests of Indonesia impress with a variety of animals as well as endemic flora and fauna. The lives of the people there are closely linked to the forest, which is considered the basis of all life. Sadly, this rainforest is disappearing more quickly than any other forest in the world in recent years.

For this reason, the “Kawai Group”, the “Kawai Forest Development Association” and “Kawai Indonesia” work closely with the “Indonesia Forest Corporation” and guarantee the protection and restoration of essential CO2 absorption sources. The “Kawai Forest Project” stands for active tree planting activities, the primary goal of which is to care for forest resources, maintain biological diversity and prevent flooding.

Kawai forest project
100000 + trees planted

In 2022, the cumulative total planted area reached approximately 750ha and the cumulative total number of planted trees exceeded 800,000, having an effect of absorbing approximately 11,500 tons of CO2 emissions annually, representing a significant offset in the emissions generated by the Kawai Group.

Towards 2027

Towards our 100-year brand, Kawai is committed to the conservation of our most precious resources and to keep
growing the music culture for our future generations of artists.

For more info, see our Kawai Environmental and Social Report 2023.

Kawai GL-10 ATX4 Hybrid Grand Piano

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