Beautiful, affordable music for every home.

You want a big, impressive instrument with a big, impressive sound, rich in nuance and bold in stature. Crisp, modern styling and a polished black and nickel aesthetic ensure that ND Series pianos are right at home in your home, and a 90 year history of traditional piano craftsmanship ensure that you’re hearing exactly what you expect, when you press your fingers to the keys.

ND Series upright pianos from Kawai. Boldness and expression combined. 

Ultra-Responsive Action

Every piano key is the beginning of an intricate kinetic mechanism that involves dozens of parts. ND Series pianos feature our famous Ultra-Responsive action, providing unprecedented control in any instrument at this level. Meticulously designed and crafted in some of the world’s most advanced piano manufacturing facilities, Ultra-Responsive is as expressive as it is musical.

Control for all seasons


Making music is a whole-body business, and feet are as important as fingers in controlling your piano. ND Series pianos provide all the control you’ll need for those etudes and family favourites: damper, practice and soft pedals that are every bit as responsive under your feet as the keys beneath your fingers.


Boldness, expression, and more than 90 years of expert heritage.

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