Choosing a Music Teacher

This can be a difficult topic for parents and students, as there are many factors to consider when choosing the right teacher for your child.  Unlike your child’s teacher(s) at school, you have complete ownership of who your child learns from, how long they learn from them, and what criteria you choose to make your judgements on.

Like many relationships in life, the ones with good rapport are often the most fruitful ones.  A music teacher needs to inspire, motivate and encourage students at many levels, so a teacher that your child is likely to have good a rapport with will often promote a greater incentive for your child to work hard and practice.  It will also instil a greater level of respect and trust in the advice and knowledge the teacher is passing on.  The connection you and your child have with the teacher is an important factor to consider.

Another consideration to factor in is the level of expertise and experience of the teacher.  Truly mastering an instrument is no mean feat, and many teachers have either completed (or are in the process of completing) various levels of their own study in their chosen instrument.  Parents should respect the practice time, dedication and years of piano lessons that those teachers themselves have invested in to be where they are today.  Obviously, expertise and experience should be commensurate with the proposed fees.

Lastly, you should consider what you and your child hope to gain in this musical partnership.  For example, if the goal is to participate in piano exams, make sure they learn from a teacher that is (at the very least) familiar with the relevant exam syllabuses.  If the goal is to learn as many pieces as possible with a fluid timeline of development, then maybe the exam stream isn’t the best avenue.  It is important to be aware of how the teacher aims to facilitate the child’s development towards the desired outcomes.

At the end of the day, purchasing a piano and finding the right teacher for your child is a big undertaking and does require appropriate thought and research.  After all, you are making an investment in your child’s future that will hopefully lead to an enriching and rewarding relationship with music for many years to come.

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