The value of a quaver

“If your plan is for one year, plant rice.  If your plan is for ten years, plant trees.  If your plan is for one hundred years, educate children.” – Confucius

The future really is in the hands of the next generation. That is why supporting the best, most well-rounded and balanced education is such an important mission for Kawai Australia. Countless studies have shown that learning and performing music activates neural circuitry in uniquely beneficial ways: not only is it a crucial emotional stimulus for developing minds, but it stimulates problem solving, complex coordination and multitasking abilities. That music education is an essential part of childrens’ healthy emotional, creative, intellectual, and cultural development is nothing new.

It’s also been shown that schools that have a flourishing music department often enjoy student successes in a variety of other academic fields. The ongoing positive effects of music filter through other aspects of the child’s life and can be powerful stepping stones into their future. So, obviously, it’s important that they learn on the best tools for the job!

More schools than you can poke a stick at use Kawai for their music departments. Here are some reasons why:

  • The pianos are durable and easy to maintain. The Millennium III action is not only faster and lighter than actions without carbon fibre parts, it’s also over 250% more resilient to temperature and humidity fluctuations, and supports vastly more precise tolerances in manufacture. As a result, it plays smoother, for longer – particularly important motivation in settings where the piano can be used just about all day, every day. A 12 year warranty on grand and uprights doesn’t hurt, either!
  • The range is diverse, but focused. We make everything from lightweight, portable digitals to full sized concert grands, but we don’t make boat engines or calculators – just pianos. That kind of clarity goes a long way in building and maintaining a music department that serves the varied needs of students working at different levels, and in different areas.
  • Bursars love us because we have flexible financing options that make it easy for schools to trade in their old instruments and fully equip their studios. And teachers and department heads love us because we ensure that the pianos receive expert maintenance, the staff receive specialist education support, and in some cases we rotate the stock out for new models yearly.
  • Our staff are experts. Kawai Australia is a small, specialised team with a lot of energy and many decades of experience between us, both in business and behind the keys. Our chief education specialist is a concert pianist and AMEB examiner, and teachers and schools appreciate having that kind of resource, that expertise and experience, a phone call away.

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