Words of Wisdom

from some of Australia's best musicians and teachers

Simon Tedeschi

“When I was five, I nagged my mother to begin piano lessons - and the rest is history."

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Stephen McIntyre

“I think music chooses you, rather than the other way around."

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Van-Anh Nguyen

“You are responsible in creating your own opportunities."

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Oxana Shevchenko

“I believe that for a complete development, a musician should be exposed to all possible music genres.”

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Jody Heald

"Through embracing effort as its own reward, one learns to use it to deal with all that comes before you in life."

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Michael Kieran Harvey

"Any performance is nerve-wracking because it's in front of my harshest critic - me."

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Megan Washington

“I have a general rule of thumb, which is that if I'm terrified of doing something, it's probably going to be great."

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Moye Chen

"The principal goal as a musician is to enjoy the music and share it with an audience."

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Ambre Hammond

“A musical life is an endless and glorious cycle that I wouldn't trade for anything."

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Stefan Cassomenos

“Throughout my life, I've repeatedly realised that I'm deeply drawn to performance and to composition."

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Anna Goldsworthy

"Reaching an audience - awakening something in them or causing them to be moved is what I consider 'success.'"

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Kathy Selby

“Never let a day go by without learning something new."

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