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A hybrid instrument that delivers the true grand piano experience

Combining Kawai’s finest Millennium III Hybrid grand piano keyboard action and real damper mechanism, with the latest SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine and premium amplification and speaker technologies, the Novus NV10S delivers one of the most realistic grand piano playing experiences ever accomplished by a digital instrument.

Novus NV10S

Novus NV10S hybrid piano redefines a classic, fusing acoustic and electronic components into a new kind of instrument. Enjoy a real grand piano keyboard and damper mechanics with some of our most powerful, pristine audio processing – and much more. No strings attached.

Why NV10S?

Millennium III Hybrid grand piano action
The mighty Millennium III action means the speed of carbon fibre, with the voice of warm woods and fine wools. Now available in hybrid.
Real grand piano damper mechanics
In an exclusive innovation, NV10S inherits real mechanical dampers from our GX Series grand pianos, providing the shifts in key weight that you would expect from a fine acoustic.
More than 80 premium sounds
Featuring the sounds of the mighty SK-EX Concert Grand, EX Concert Grand, Shigeru Kawai SK-5 and more than 80 other instruments, NV10S has a tone for every tune.
Pianist Mode
In Pianist mode, NV10S is in full flight with our SK-EX Rendering engine, multi-channel sampling, and resonance modelling for every individual key. Switch to Sound mode to enjoy more than 80 other sounds from our stunningly versatile HI-XL engine.
Not just a pretty face
but such a pretty face. NV10S might be the most beautiful piano in Australia, bringing unmistakable contemporary style to the classic piano form. Where would it look best in your home?
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