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Elegant form and exceptional tone

Its elegant form and exceptional tone will fulfil the needs of any professional teaching studio or intimate performance setting.

Height: 134cm

Millennium III Action

Millennium III Upright Action features components made of ABS-Carbon, a composite material created by the infusion of carbon fiber into our renowned ABS Styran. ABS-Carbon is incredibly sturdy and rigid, which allows the creation of action parts that are lighter without sacrificing strength. The result is a stronger, faster action that offers more power, better control and greater stability than conventional all-wood actions.

Kawai Millennium III Upright action
Kawai K-800 Upright piano cabinet design

Stately Cabinet Design

K-800’s stately cabinet design features sleek lines and delicate accents that will enhance any room. Built with performance in mind, the K-800 K Series Upright Piano will satisfy every musical requirement of the professional teaching studio or smaller performance venue, with additional sound escape ports and a grand piano style “Hard-Finish” music rack, putting the sheet music at the same height as it would be on a grand piano.

Sostenuto Pedal

K-800AS’s sostenuto pedal allows the player to sustain selected notes, while the other notes remain unaffected. Usually reserved for grand pianos, this special feature opens up K-800AS to even the most advanced repertoire.

K-800 sostenuto pedal
Kawai NEOTEX Key surface

NEOTEX Key Surfaces

Our exclusive NEOTEX key surface material made with cellulose fiber offers the smooth, understated texture of natural ivory and ebony—and a semiporous, silica-filled surface to absorb the hand’s natural oils and perspiration that can cause slipping. NEOTEX resists cracking and fading over years of use and is used for both the sharps and the naturals for a consistent feel across the entire keyboard.

Extended Key Length

Longer keys make playing easier and provide more even response from the front to the back of the playing surface. The benefits to the player are greater control and more power with less effort.

Extended length key sticks
Aluminium Action Bracket

Die-cast Aluminium Action Brackets

Made from a custom mold, die-cast parts are formed exactly the same every time. The K-800 features three aluminium action brackets that are die-cast to provide an added measure of strength, uniformity and stability for accurate touch over time.

Soft-fall Fallboard

The ultra-slow, grand-style “Soft Fall” fallboard closing system protects little hands and fingers, as well as the piano’s stunning finish, from the harm that a jarring close might cause.

K-600 soft fall mechanism
Kawai K-800 upright piano

Tapered Solid Spruce Soundboard

The soundboard is the heart of a piano. Its purpose is to transform the vibrations of the piano’s strings into a rich, resounding tone. Kawai uses only straightgrained, quartersawn solid spruce for K Series soundboards, including the K-800. Each soundboard is strategically tapered to maximize its tone producing capability. Only those that meet or exceed our demanding quality standards are selected for use in our professional upright pianos.

Kawai piano hammers

Mahogany wood core & T-stapled, double felted hammers

Mahogany hammer mouldings are lightweight and extremely responsive. Found on only the finest pianos, mahogany is used for the hammer mouldings on the entire line of K Series Professional Upright Pianos. All K Series hammers are T-Stapled to preserve hammer shape and fitted with an added interior layer of underfelt to support the creation of exceptional tone.

Duplex Scaling

The full (upper & lower) duplex scale on K-800 enhances harmonics by increasing the speaking ability of the string between the bridge pin and hitch pin, adding sympathetic overtones and harmonic richness.

Duplex scaling strings
K-600 agraffes


The addition of agraffes across the lower 51 keys ensures accuracy in string alignment and spacing, to produce greater sound uniformity and enhancing clarity of tone.

Steel-Reinforced Keyslip

The piano’s keyslip is the long, horizontal piece of wood that covers the front faces of the keys. Because it is long, thin and made of wood, a keyslip can warp or bend with changes in humidity, causing keys to stick. To eliminate this problem, a heavy-guage steel angle iron is added to prevent warping and bending in any direction. Keys move more freely with virtually no possibility of rubbing or sticking against the keyslip.

Kawai K-Series steel reinforced keyslip
Kawai Keybed and braces

Keybed and Braces

The piano’s keybed must be strong and stable to support the action assembly and maintain action regulation over years of heavy use. K-800 keybeds are made with sturdy laminated hardwoods and reinforced by rear braces on the iron frame that help to ensure stable placement and add rigidity to prevent energy loss.



Weight 284 kg
Dimensions 65 × 153 × 134 cm

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