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KAWAI‘s Education Direct Program

Kawai’s Education Direct program is exclusively accessible to educators and institutions. We aim to proactively support piano teachers and schools around Australia by offering tailored cost structures and attractive financing plans for high-quality new pianos, as well as maintenance packages, to support the longevity of your investment. 

Exclusive Education Direct Financing options: 

Outright Education Purchase: Discounted purchase pricing is exclusively available to schools and institutions. 

Lease-to-own: Pianos are to be paid wholly in monthly instalments from the department’s operating budget over terms ranging from 3 to 5 years. 

Chattel mortgage: Pianos are paid in monthly instalments with a residual upon the end of the term. This residual can either be paid for outright ownership, or rolled into new acquisitions as appropriate. 

Why do educators choose Education Direct? 

Kawai’s dedicated education arm offers the knowledge and experience to tailor individual purchases and fleet configurations to your school’s budget, space requirements, type and level of use, and more. We also offer valuation and trade-in options on your existing pianos and manage all the delivery logistics and setup servicing, so all you need to do is pay and play. 

Do you have questions? 

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First Term Newsletter 2023

The Piano Of The Future, Tim Topham Review


It’s hard to predict how innovation and technology will change the way everyday items and processes will look, even five years from now. Just think about how much has changed in the last five: developments in digital payment methods, media streaming services, blockchain, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality; the list goes on. And keeps growing, to touch different parts of our lives, from cars to commerce to education. To pianos.  

The designs of traditional grand and upright pianos have remained largely unchanged for the last century, notwithstanding improvements to materials and manufacturing processes. Digital technologies, though, have redefined what pianos can offer in terms of touch and sound, as well as innovative software functions that make these instruments increasingly useful, and accessible, in classroom settings.  

Today, the forefront of piano innovation brings together the best of acoustic and digital piano technologies, producing hybrid pianos that are changing the way studios and classrooms around the world approach both teaching and performance.  

We asked music education expert Tim Topham to share his thoughts about hybrid pianos.  

“Hybrid pianos bridge the divide between acoustic and digital, offering the best aspects of an acoustic piano with all the benefits of a digital instrument” – Tim Topham 

Read Tim’s Review 

Hybrid Pianos

Kawai draws on nearly a century of accumulated piano crafting expertise and knowledge, enabling us to pioneer the future of the piano. Through this generational wisdom, and of the latest in innovative piano technology, we have created hybrid pianos that bring the most versatile and functional aspect of the hybrid piano into classrooms and teaching studios around the world. 

Watch Kawai Artists Dieter Falk and Luca Sestak dive inot the features of the AURES Hybrid Gx-2 grand piano.


Interview with Vatche Jamazian, The Future Of Music

Recently, we caught up with concert pianist and Juilliard alumnus Vatche Jambazian. As resident pianist of Sydney-based Omega Ensemble, Vatche is well-versed in the classics, but is best known for his cutting-edge performances of contemporary works. We asked Vatche about some of his most memorable performance experiences, and about how music and music practices might change in the years ahead.  

 I used to spend lunchtimes and any breaks I had going to the music room and learning new repertoire I had never heard before, because my school had mini scores of all the major piano concertos and sonatas, and other works which I didn’t really have access to back then.”  – Vatche Jambazian  

Uncertainty and the unknown in performance should be embraced more than fought against.” – Vatche Jambazian 

Read Vatche’s Interview

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Using Technology to Simplify Music Room Scheduling

Education Direct seeks to understand the needs of piano students, teachers, and schools at a holistic level. Understanding how music departments operate, and where challenges arise, helps us to tailor our services to meet our customers’ needs.  

Issues around resource scheduling are among the most common that we hear about. Room availability is generally straightforward, but tracking instrument loans across potentially hundreds of students can be much more challenging. Printed sheets and spreadsheets get mixed up and can overcomplicate simple processes, and become too time consuming. 

Centralising your school’s resource scheduling into a commonly shared, always-online cloud service like Google Calendar is a simple – and free – way to dramatically simplify old workflows. We’ve put together some ideas and tips that we hope might help improve the ease and efficiency of your department’s resource scheduling. 



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