Augmented Reality brings Kawai’s GL-10 grand piano into your home!

Kawai GL SOLID design

Kawai’s GL-10 is one of the most popular baby grand pianos in Australia, an excellent choice for any pianist who wants to enjoy playing a beautiful grand piano from the comfort of their home.  

The GL-10 is Kawai’s most compact grand piano, measuring just 153cm in length. Due to it’s smaller size, the GL-10 is sometimes referred to as a “baby grand” piano. This compact size makes the GL-10 grand piano a perfect fit for a room of almost any size.

Have you ever dreamt of owning a Kawai grand piano?

Now you can see the GL-10 in your room first hand, with Kawai’s innovative GL-10 Augmented Reality filter.  

Simply use your smart phone or smart tablet device to scan this GL-10 Augmented Reality QR code, and bring the dream of owning a GL-10 closer to home. 

It’s still important to measure out the space where you will be keeping your GL-10 grand piano. However, simply measuring out a space with tape measure in hand doesn’t quite capture the true beauty of this grand piano in your playing space.  

Kawai has always been focused on innovation, and the role that the latest technology can play in improving the piano manufacturing and playing experiences, so using Augmented Reality to bring a virtual piano into your room is a perfect fit. We hope you enjoy trying our GL-10 Augmented Reality camera filter to see how the GL-10 fits into your music space. 

What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a software-generated image over your real environment, using your smart device’s camera and screen. 
Pokemon Go (app) is a popular and well-known example of Augmented Reality being used to create a cross over between the virtual and real worlds, to provide a more engaging experience for the user.


Share the GL-10 in your home!

We would love to see where you put your virtual GL-10! Use the hashtag #MyGL10 and tag @KawaiAustralia on social media to share your perfect GL-10 playing location. 

Do you want to know more about the GL-10 grand piano?  

The GL-10’s soundboard is the heart of the grand piano. The soundboard transforms the vibrations of the piano’s strings into rich and resounding tones. To achieve this tone, we use a tapered soundboard design, made out of solid Spruce timber, with a V-Pro plate set over the top. Extended keysticks, combined with our renowned Millennium III action, provide more speed, power, and precision while playing. For more details visit our GL-10 grand piano page.



Kawai pianos. Feel inspired.

          Written by Hugh Raine 

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