Looking at pianos for a loved one this Christmas?

You’re in the right place.

From lightweight portable gigging boards to some of the most sublime concert grands ever made, Kawai has you covered. Read on for more information about some of Australia’s favourite models, and what you can expect from the world’s most advanced pianos.

hybrid PIANO

K-300 ATX3


With advanced digital features in the body of the most popular upright acoustic piano that we've ever made, K-300 ATX3 offers sonic and expressive opportunities never before possible.


Our pianos are made to some of the most exacting quality and sustainability standards in the industry, and it shows.


As with all Kawai uprights, the warranty on the K-300 at the heart of ATX3 lasts 12 years, and like all our digitals, the warranty on ATX3's electronics lasts five years.

Playing Modes
1 "
touch lcd
internal sounds
1 +
built-in lessons

Perfect for...

Small living spaces

and night owls. With an ATX3 piano, your loved one can play a real acoustic piano day and night, using headphones to keep from disturbing those around them.

players who record

With powerful internal recording modes and pro connectivity, K-300 ATX3 allows players to capture their music with near-perfect fidelity, internally, to their own outboard gear, or both.


Not many acoustic pianos support layering of sounds, or splitting the keyboard into zones. If your loved one likes to experiment, this is the piano for them.

Serious students

Serious students will love playing on our incredible Millennium III action – with a metronome and more than 500 lessons built right into their piano.



88 key piano sampling

Unlike many pianos in its class, KDP110's main piano sound is sampled from all 88 notes of the magnificent SK-EX. No stretching. No compromise.

grade weighted keyboard

Just as you'll find in any acoustic piano, KDP110's key hammers are heavier in the bass, and lighter in the treble.

bluetooth midi

Send and receive MIDI messages with any phone or tablet, or use Virtual Technician for iPad to control the KDP110 wirelessly.

Perfect for...


The full size, weighted keyboard action and expressive concert grand sound make KDP110 the perfect choice for players whose musical journey is just beginning.


KDP110 is unbeatable value for money anytime, and with season’s specials available across Australia right now, there’s no better option for the budget conscious buyer.


Packing convenient features into easy-to-use instruments is an art, and KDP110 is a masterpiece, offering simple control and an intuitive interface.


Unsure if your loved one will follow through? KDP110 is for you! High quality with minimal investment and the perfect upgrade path, just in case they surprise you.



millennium iii

The mighty Millennium III action means the speed of carbon fibre, with the voice of warm woods and fine wools. Now in our most accessible grand.

solid spruce soundboard

GL-10's soundboard - its heart - is made from straight-grained, quartersawn Spruce from our own sustainably managed forests.

Premium Hammers

GL Series hammers are constructed with maple mouldings, premium Tasman wool felt, supported by a layer of dense underfelt to produce a rich, clear tone.

Perfect for...


As an entry-level grand piano, GL-10 is the perfect choice for players who are ready to grow further than their old upright can hope to take them.


A grand piano is a part of the family. It is a craftsman’s most important tool. It is a voice for the fingers, personal and true.

You’re here because you want to bring someone’s dream to life. Here’s your chance.

small parlours

At just 153cm long, GL-10 will fit comfortably into a small parlour – and fill it with a sound that belies the instrument’s classic baby grand size.


Want to spoil your loved one with a real grand piano, but you’re not made of money? GL-10 is the obvious choice, with premium features at an unbeatable price.



solid wooden keys

with extended key pivot length, let-off, triple sensor key detection and more, the CA58's Grand Feel Compact action provides top flight features unmatched in its class.

advanced connectivity

: line-in, line-out, USB to host, USB to device, 1/4" headphone, 1/8" headphone, MIDI in and out, and Bluetooth MIDI.

100w speaker system

CA58 is fitted with a big four speaker sound system that meticulously reproduces the tonal projection of a large grand piano.


This Christmas, score a free pair of Kawai SH-9 headphones valued at $179 with your CA58!

built-in effects
internal sounds
note polyphony

Perfect for...

sensitive fingers

CA58’s keyboard is one of the most advanced in any digital piano, anywhere in the world. Your loved one will be breathing new life into their favourite pieces in no time.

sensitive ears

A four speaker, 100W sound system is a lot of sound – and with premium audio components in common with its flagship siblings, CA58’s every note rings with clarity and depth.


Whether it’s enriching the harmonics or crafting the perfect delay, playing wirelessly with GarageBand or playing with and recording MP3s, CA58 offers maximum versatility.

second hand buyers

CA58 costs about the same as a very pre-loved upright, but comes with a 5 year warranty direct from the manufacturer, and it never needs to be tuned.



ultra-responsive hammer action

Selected hardwood hammer shanks and 100% wool felt hammer heads provide a control that belies ND-21's entry-level price.

solid spruce soundboard

The soundboard is the heart of a piano, and ND-21 uses only straight-grained, quartersawn Spruce from Kawai's own sustainably managed forests.

stunning monochrome styling

Featuring silver hardware and rich black frame and soundboard, ND-21 creates a stunning impression in any room, and from any angle.

Perfect for...

acoustic purists

There’s a certain magic that you can only find in an acoustic piano, with its more organic manufacture. the woods and wools. ND-21 has soul your loved one will love.

players with style

ND-21 might be the best looking upright in Australia, with rich black styling in unexpected places and luxurious silver highlights to set off a striking decor.

the budget conscious

Want to spoil your loved one with a real acoustic piano, but you’re not made of money? ND-21 is the obvious choice, with premium features at an unbeatable price.


For the same price as a second hand upright, surprise your loved one with a brand new piano, backed by a year warranty direct from the manufacturer.



One for the road

At just 12kg, ES110 is made to be moved.

grade weighted keyboard

You won't find a board near this price that can match ES110's full sized 88 keys for authentic piano touch, nor the compact engineering that makes them so easy to play. And play. And play.

bluetooth midi

Send and receive MIDI messages with any phone or tablet, or use Virtual Technician for iPad to control the ES110 wirelessly.

internal sounds
drum rhythms
note polyphony

Perfect for...

live performers

With great sound, surprisingly big speakers, and line outputs to connect to bigger sound systems, ES110 is the perfect combination of portability and power.


ES110 is packed full of features perfect for the learning pianist, from a metronome and internal recorder to hundreds of built-in lessons, and much more.


Unsure if your loved one will follow through? ES110 is for you! High quality with minimal investment and the perfect upgrade path, just in case they surprise you.

bedroom bangers

The optional furniture kit for ES110 converts a portable powerhouse into a furniture piece, with fixed triple pedals and easy assembly for those times your loved one hits the road.