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You’ve come to the right place. Please read through this page carefully to help understand your options, the Kawai warranty, and our processes, before submitting a report.

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Before you report

Before submitting a report, you should read your warranty card to familiarise yourself with the conditions governing Kawai repair claims, and be aware of the following points:

Even if you have requested a repair under warranty and we have provided a Case Number, you may still be billed for work carried out and/or parts used. Your warranty (only) protects you against defects of material and manufacture, so if a technician discovers that a fault has been caused by conditions beyond our control, the warranty will determine that we are not liable, and the service bill will go to you.

This includes common issues like due servicing for acoustic pianos, and misuse of menus or software features for digital pianos.

Acoustic pianos need regular mechanical servicing called regulation, as well as tuning. This servicing resolves sticking keys and silent notes, squeaking pedals, and similar issues, and is not covered by any warranty.

Digital piano users should attempt to resolve any sound-related issues by first consulting the Sound Settings built into your piano, and updating the piano’s operating software.

Some repairs cannot be done in the home will require transport to a workshop. If yours is an ES, MP, or VPC model “portable” piano, this will be your responsibility.

Major repairs can take weeks or months to be settled completely.

All technicians and service centres are independently contracted and are not employees of Kawai.

Before a warranty repair is authorised, you will be required to agree to our Terms of Service.

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    Your warranty begins on the date shown on the receipt of your final payment to an authorised retailer. To make a warranty claim on your piano, as you’ll no doubt expect, you’ll need to provide documentary evidence that you’re the owner. The form will tell you what we need to be most helpful.

    If you walked into a store, paid your money, and walked out with a piano, please find your receipt from the store. If you paid a piano off over time, we’ll need the receipt for your final payment. If you’re renting your piano, we’ll need a copy of the front page of your rental contract. Please be sure that the date, your name, and the name of the business you paid are clearly visible.

    We rely on a network of independent specialists around Australia and New Zealand to assess and carry out repairs, and we may use refurbished or modified parts in repairs, though it’s extremely rare, and carefully managed when we do.

    There are conditions on what your warranty covers and for how long: refer to your documents and to the information below, or contact us.

    Lengths of warranties

    • Acoustic pianos: 12 years
    • Hybrid pianos: 12 years on acoustic parts, 5 years on electronic parts
    • Digital pianos: 5 years
    • Power supplies, spare parts, pedals and other accessories: 1 year

    A quick word about privacy

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