Kawai offers a range of accessories for your grand, upright or digital piano to help keep it looking and sounding as good as it did the first time you played it. Contact your nearest authorised Kawai retailer for more information or to purchase genuine Kawai accessories.

Acoustic Piano Accessories

Kawai piano covers are designed specifically to fit our current range, from the smallest upright to the longest concert grand. Featuring a black poly outer coating and red crushed acrylic inner lining, our standard covers are the perfect protection against dust, static, and small bumps and knocks.

Protect your floors and prevent your upright or grand piano from rolling with caster cups matched to the colour of your piano.

Premium polished-timber cups are available exclusively to Shigeru Kawai owners.

Your piano’s high gloss polish is one of its most striking aesthetic qualities, and it’s easy to maintain that shine by avoiding direct sunlight and moist air, and polishing the cabinet occasionally. Kawai makes a range of polishing liquids designed specifically to restore the lustre to the polishes we apply to our pianos.

Kawai makes a range of piano benches in colour finishes to match our piano range, including dual-seat concert benches, padded, height adjustable benches, and the exclusive Shigeru Kawai range of premium concert benches.

Digital Piano Accessories

An ES Series portable piano can be enjoyed as both a portable gigging instrument and as an installed furniture piece in the home with the optional HM4+F301 (for ES8) or HML1+F350 (for ES110) kit. These elegant accessories both house and stabilise your piano, as well as providing enhanced functionality via the fixed three-pedal unit installed in the base.

Rugged, corner reinforced soft cases are available for ES and some MP Series models. Both the SC-1 and SC-2 cases feature separate compartments for cables and other accessories; the larger SC-1 also features high quality wheels to make travelling as easy as possible.

Designed to fit just about every keyboard, anywhere, the DC88 and DC88XL are high quality elastic covers to protect your ES or MP Series portable instruments from bumps, scratches, and of course, from dust.

Single, double and triple foot pedals for our digital pianos are available. These can be used as replacement and spare pedals and sometimes to provide increased functionality for your existing piano. Be sure to check which pedals are compatible with your model when you speak to your authorised Kawai retailer.

Most Kawai digital pianos use an external power supply, which is included with the piano. If you need a replacement or a spare, check your owner’s manual for the specifications required for your model, find the power supply you need in the table below, and talk to your nearest authorised Kawai retailer to make a purchase.

Model             V               mA           
PS154 154000

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