Buying a Piano

1. Choose a retailer

Are Kawai pianos made for Australian conditions?

All Kawai acoustic pianos are made for an international market, including Australia and New Zealand. Our timber seasoning and frame production processes deliver pianos that, when properly maintained, are reliable and durable musical instruments, whether they’re in Alice Springs or Auckland. Learn more about how environmental factors can impact your piano here.

2. How can I buy spare parts and accessories for my piano?

Accessories like piano covers, caster cups and locking keys are available from your local Kawai authorised retailer. You’ll find information about accessories for grand, upright and digital pianos here.

Due to the level of technical skill required to carry out repairs or replacement of parts, Kawai spare parts are not available to the general public. Should you require a spare part, please arrange for your piano technician to contact us using the contact information found here. You should know the model of your piano before you make a request for accessories or spare parts.

3. How often should I tune my piano?

We recommend that you tune your piano at least twice a year. The more heavily your piano is used, the more frequently it should be tuned.

4. How old is my piano?

All of our pianos are marked with a serial number, which is made up of a group of numbers, and sometimes letters. The age of the piano will determine the length of this number: a very old piano could only be four numbers long – for example, the piano with the serial number 8350 was manufactured in 1935. New Kawai pianos today have seven-digit serial numbers, beginning with the number 2 (for pianos made in our Japanese factories) or the letter F (for pianos made in our Karawan factories). We do not publish the serial numbers of brand new pianos, or those that are new enough that they are likely to be on display in our retailers’ showrooms. For specific manufacturing years please read our “When was your Kawai piano made?” article. 

5. What does it mean to ‘voice’ a piano?

Voicing is the gentle manipulation of the felts surrounding the hammer heads to produce an even tone throughout the piano. Hammer felts may be softened, resulting in a darker tone, or hardened to produce a brighter sound. Discuss this with your piano technician for more detailed information specific to your piano.

6. What is done to prepare my new piano for delivery?

Your new Kawai piano will have the Preparation Checklist carried out prior to delivery. A grand piano contains some 10,000 parts, and will have had a long journey from our manufacturing facilities to your retailer. The Preparation Checklist is our assurance that the piano has has not been damaged before it was unboxed and that it arrives at your home or studio in top condition. It is also your assurance that the piano has been properly initialised before you sit down to play. The checklist is printed on the back of your Kawai Acoustic Piano Warranty Card, and will be signed and dated by both the retailer, and the technician who carried out the service. You’ll find the full text of the Preparation Checklist on the second page of the warranty card, here

7. What is the difference between tuning and regulation?

Tuning a piano means adjusting the pitch of the strings. Regulation refers to the adjustment of the touch – the way the keys feel and respond to your playing. There is an intricate mechanical apparatus called the action, which comprises many small, moving parts, hidden between the key and the hammer that ultimately strikes the string – regulation ensures that these parts are in good condition, are properly aligned, and are operating smoothly. Want to know the difference between a piano tuner and piano technician? Read our blog here.

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